Command Codeless™: No-Code "Automation" Handbook

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Learn how to build automations that save you hundreds of hours without code.

This handbook is a growing resource for people who want to become more efficient. It's a result of the time I've spent building automations, collectively saving myself and others thousands of hours.

I don't showcase the building of random automations. I build and showcase automations that readers request. So you can reconsider hiring that expensive agency to help you build automations.

Buy this handbook and request an automaton. I'll build and showcase it if others request it too.

📚 Contents:

  1. Introduction
  • Welcome
  1. No-Code Automation Fundamentals
  • No-Code Automation Summarised
  • When You Should Consider Automating
  • Stacking No-Code Tools
  • How To Secure Your No-Code Tools
  1. How To Create An Email Parser
  • Overview
  • Set Up A Zapier Mailbox
  • Create An Airtable Database
  • Configure Email Parser By Zapier In Zapier
  • Configure Airtable In Zapier
  • Next Steps
  1. How To Create A Telegram Bot
  • Overview
  • Set Up A Bot In Telegram
  • Watch For Updates In Make
  • Make A HTTP Request To An API
  • Set Up Telegram Message Sending
  • Schedule A Telegram Bot In Make
  • Next Steps
  1. How To Create A Browser Automation
  • Overview
  • Get Data From A Webpage
  • Replace Text In Axiom AI
  • Interact With An Interface
  • Export To CSV
  • Next Steps

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👨‍🏫 Author

Hi! I'm Ravinder. I'm the creator of Command Codeless. And I'll be guiding you through this no-code automation handbook. My no-code tutorials on YouTube have been watched tens of thousands of times. And I teach over 5,000 students no-code skills on Udemy.

🤔 FAQs

Can I request a project?

Yes. Submit as many projects as you like via the form linked in the handbook.

Is this a one-time purchase with lifetime access to the handbook?

Yes. You will gain lifetime access to the handbook and updates.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. I offer a 30-day no questions asked refund.

Can I read it in Google Docs?

Yes. Upon purchasing the PDF, you'll see a link to the Google Doc.

Is this handbook text and images only?

Yes. Focussing on clear writing and images lets me update this handbook quickly to reflect changes in the ecosystem for you. That's often not possible with video.

Is this different from your courses?

Yes. My courses on Udemy follow a structured curriculum and are video-based. In comparison, this handbook is a growing text and image-based resource.

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Command Codeless™: No-Code "Automation" Handbook

2 ratings
I want this!